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About Us


Natural Horse NZ is a Horse Rescue Centre that is run by volunteers. Our sanctuary is a place of safety for misunderstood and unwanted horses, who are often suffering from behavioural issues associated with trauma and emotional damage. 

We understand that negative behaviours in horses are often a cry for help, mostly due to our human world from issues such as neglect, harsh handling, trauma, stress and even on what the horse eats, such as when suffering from the condition known as being "Grass Affected", or having metabolic or digestive imbalances.

So, we provide help and understanding to horses like this who are in need.


For more information on how we manage our herd and for guidance and ideas on how to help other horses who are suffering from these issues, please feel free to browse our website, as it includes lots of helpful articles and tips on how to assist horses, in a kind but effective way.....

And more specifically for our unique and challenging New Zealand conditions. 

Or if you are struggling with a horse of your own with any of these problems, then please feel free to email us, as we are always happy to offer help and support to all horses and their owners/carers. 

Our Email is [email protected]


We also have an online tack shop, where we sell non-invasive & horse friendly equipment, that we handmake most of right here in our New Zealand workshops. 

This helps us to fund the care of our resident rescue herd, as well as to provide support and care for other horses, that are most in need. 

We sell a wide variety of non invasive horsemanship items through our shop, including Rope Halters, Bitless Bridles, Carrot Sticks, 8, 10, 12 & 14FT Lead Ropes, Rope Reins, 22FT Lines, Hackamores, Mecates, plus Hoof Boots, and Slow Feed Haynets, in addition to homeopathic remedies and our Natural Horse Equine Supplements.